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Entrez votre texte ici... al premium food mart scarborough flyer On Al Premium Food Mart, you can find fresh meat, the best seafood and the most delicious baking. Almaty, especially halal meat servants, so if you're looking for something like this Al Premium Food Mart is the best place to buy. Flyer today, many of the best deals and discounts, so if you are looking for the best places for grocery shopping, particularly al-Mart is the best place to start. It was Al-service kitchen that can be used as well, so if you do not want to spend your time on the food prepared simply more convenient to collect the food mart. Now, let's see, the agreement on the best flyer today
The best deals on today's special FlyerAl Flyer, January 31 2017
We are listed on the Al-Mart deal best for you, but it's time to check them out! Flyer today there are many good articles on different parts, so feel free to check them out now! You can see the image, click the top right hand leaflets.
Fresh Beef Strip $ 6,98 / lb
Fresh beef flap of meat, $ 4.98 / lb
Golden Pomfret, $ 4.99 / lb
Fish, $ 5.99 / lb
Cool bar, $ 5.99 / lb
Now let's see the halal food, Almaty, in particular food
Frozen goat, $ 4.99 / lb
Smart Fields, $ 3,99 / lb
Chicken breast, $ 3,99 / lb
Bee Halal lamb chop, $ 6.99 / lb
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